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EQ3 (iOS)

No way in hell I wanted to buy an eq, but after demo-ing it a few times I was sold. I’ll add that this is a really great EQ if you don’t know much about EQing, it is pretty easy to dial in something good-sounding. As mentioned, the bands seem really well chosen.Gavinski (forum.audiobus.us)

Orchestral Hall Reverb v1.0.7

Red Rock Sound Orchestral Hall Reverb based on the convolution technique. Supplied with high quality impulse responses obtained with the well-known 90’s hardware reverb. 


  • 10 programs;
  • 100 impulse responses;
  • FX-panning;
  • CV-inputs to control Mix and FX panning.

Programs menu

  • Deep Blue ADJUST: Decay / An all-purpose hall with moderate size and delay time;
  • Large Hall ADJUST: Decay / A large hall with a gentle bloom in the reverberation envelope;
  • Medium Hall ADJUST: Decay / A natural sounding medium-size hall, with moderate decay;
  • Small Hall ADJUST: Predelay / A natural sounding small hall with bright initial reverb;
  • L Hall+Stage ADJUST: Stage Size;
  • M Hall+Stage ADJUST: Stage Size;
  • S Hall+Stage ADJUST: Stage Size / Presets 5-7 are similar to 2-4, with added reflections from a stage;
  • Gothic Hall ADJUST: Decay / A large, spacious and filtered, medium-bright hall made of stone;
  • Concert Hall ADJUST: Decay / A large,smooth, dark and lush hall. Very dense with reflections added to reinforce the sound;
  • Small Church ADJUST: Decay / A small hall with no reflections and short decay time.