Audio plug-ins for music applications
        Orchestral Hall Reverb v1.0.7

        Red Rock Sound Orchestral Hall Reverb based on the convolution technique. Supplied with high quality impulse responses obtained with the well-known 90’s hardware reverb. 


        • 10 programs;
        • 100 impulse responses;
        • FX-panning;
        • CV-inputs to control Mix and FX panning.

        Programs menu:

        • Deep Blue ADJUST: Decay / An all-purpose hall with moderate size and delay time;
        • Large Hall ADJUST: Decay / A large hall with a gentle bloom in the reverberation envelope;
        • Medium Hall ADJUST: Decay / A natural sounding medium-size hall, with moderate decay;
        • Small Hall ADJUST: Predelay / A natural sounding small hall with bright initial reverb;
        • L Hall+Stage ADJUST: Stage Size;
        • M Hall+Stage ADJUST: Stage Size;
        • S Hall+Stage ADJUST: Stage Size / Presets 5-7 are similar to 2-4, with added reflections from a stage;
        • Gothic Hall ADJUST: Decay / A large, spacious and filtered, medium-bright hall made of stone;
        • Concert Hall ADJUST: Decay / A large,smooth, dark and lush hall. Very dense with reflections added to reinforce the sound;
        • Small Church ADJUST: Decay / A small hall with no reflections and short decay time.