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EQ560 VST Free (Win)

This is incredible, put this on Plugin Doctor you will see a very broad light movement at low settings and when the plugin shows +9db/-9db, that's when starts do narrow very fast, the cool thing is that this behaviour is the same for every band, so know that if you need a little more push, try to get to the 9db territory while being very careful from there because it sharpens fast awesome, awesome, awesome eq.Diogo G (vst4free.com)

RE 60 Real Time Spectrum Analyser v1.5.0

Red Rock Sound RE 60 real time 1/3 octave Spectrum Analyser combines ease of use, accuracy and versatility in one economical, reliable unit. Interface is modelled on classic DN60 spectrum analyzer by Klark Teknik, originally developed in 1980. 


DISPLAY. Levels relate to the reference level. Calibration of a display level is read from graticules on the left of the display window;

REFERENCE LEVEL. The absolute level to which display readings are relative, i.e. calibration, is given in dB;

OVERALL LEVEL. Calibration of the overall level is similary derived from graticule to the right of the display. note - this graticule applies to the overall level only!

RESP. Speed of display response is selectable:
"1" fast, "2" medium, "3" slow, shown by three leds;

MODE. Controls the display mode:
"L" left, "M" mid, "R" right;

AVG/PK. Two Leds indicate whether the display is averaging or peak-reading;

PK. HOLD (MAX. HOLD). The maximum graphed value of the Frequency analysis can be shown by clicking the PK HOLD button. To reset the max graph, click the CLEAR button. To return to realtime graphing, click the button PK HOLD again;

FREEZE. At any time, the Frequency graph can be stopped by clicking the FREEZE button. To release and return to realtime graphing, click the button again.