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Exciter (iOS)

This is secret sauce
I have an old 190kbps MP3 of a vocal separated from a music track recorded off a 90’s tape cassette, so not much top end to speak of. I added this, made some slight adjustments, and I swear it sounds like a studio recording. I mean, your results may vary, but I sure miss this plugin when it’s disabled. I can definitely recommend this for mellow audio that needs top end restored. Another must buy for me. I also really like their Bass Enhancer. NOT sponsored — I just love the sound.LeRoi Fox (Canada, App Store)

RE 202 Exciter v2.0.0
Reason Studios Shop

The Red Rock Sound RE 202 Exciter will allow you to improve and enhance sonic quality of signal more naturally than with equalization. 

Unlike traditional EQ that just turns up the existing harmonics, RE 202 Exciter generates additional harmonics therefore there is no boost in the output signal level, this maintains a clear and balanced sound.

Control & Indicator Functions

  • IN. — Input Signal Level indicator;
  • INPUT GAIN — control knob for the Level of the Input Signal;
  • DRIVE — this knob controls the amount of generated Harmonics;
  • TIMBRE — sets the balance between Odd and Even harmonics;
  • TUNE — sets the frequency of the high pass filter in the side chain prior to the harmonics generator. For example, with a setting of 6000 Hz, all frequencies above 6000 Hz will have Harmonics generated by the RE202;
  • CEILING — sets the frequency above which the harmonics not produced. Enable or Disable a Ceiling mode with the «Ceiling ON» button;
  • MIX — sets the amount of RE202 enhancement added to the original signal;
  • LISTEN — allows you to listen to the RE202 process alone;
  • OUTPUT GAIN — control knob for the Level of the Output Signal;
  • H.L. — the Level meter for the Harmonics that are created;
  • OUT — Output Signal Level indicator.