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BQ-A (VST, AUv3)

The color of this EQ is instantly recognizable from many records. Very responsive controls too, which the original is famous for.
Loved it on bass, guitars and vocals as well. Punchy saturation indeed. Even without EQ settings I like what it does.
Well done Red Rock Sound! I first came across the AQ550 eq's which also seem to be very well modeled. But having a personal preference for british eq's, I got the BQ-A in the end.Illusionaire (Gearslutz)

RE 181 Mid/Side Audio Converter v2.0.0
Reason Studios Shop

Red Rock Sound RE 181 Mid/Side Audio Converter allows easy Mid/Side-processing of any audio. This rack extension (RE) was specifically developed for use with the RE3Q Six-band Equalizer and other REs from Red Rock Sound

Mid/Side processing — a relatively new trend in the world of audio engineering. In fact, it is just a representation of a stereo signal, but in a different way. In normal stereo the signal is divided into left and right channels. When encoding to M/S, "Mid" is the audio that appears in both left and right channels and "Side" is their difference.

Separate processing of Mid and Side signals gives very interesting results. Although this technology is especially firmly established in the field of mastering, you can use it in mixing, adding fullness and depth to vocals or individual harmonic instruments.