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EQ560 (iOS)

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RE 180 Dynamic Driver v1.0.2
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Red Rock Sound RE 180 is a gain reduction 10-in/30-out CV splitter, specifically developed for use with the RE 60 and RE 302. With these three devices, you can build a dynamic EQ, or solve the frequency conflicts between different samples or instruments. 

Front Panel Functions

Each of the 10 channels has:

INPUT LED. Yellow LED lights up when the channel has a signal;

ATTACK sets the time taken for compression to commence after the threshold is exceeded, from 0.02 milliseconds (20 microseconds) to 250 milliseconds;

RELEASE determines the time taken for the gain to return to normal after the signal drops below the threshold level, adjustable from 40 milliseconds to 2 seconds;

GAIN REDUCTION light bar graph meter indicates in decibels by how much the signal is compressed at any instant;

THRESHOLD determines the level above which gain reduction will take place, variable from 0 dB down to -60 dB.

Back Panel Functions

Each of the 10 channels has one audio input and three CV outputs.