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Comp 609 (iOS)

I have access to the Neve hardware unit, and this sounds pretty comparable! Not bad for a $5 plugin.shinyisshiny (forum.audiobus.us)

Precision Stereo Compressor v1.0.1
Reason Studios Shop

Precision Stereo Compressor recreates sound of the vintage hardware compressor from ’70s. This dynamics processor packs a recognizable musical punch heard on countless records around the world. 


  • 5 Attack, 9 Recovery (Release) and 5 Ratio selections;
  • External Sidechain and Sidechain signal High-Pass Filter;
  • 5 operation modes: M/S, Mid channel, Side channel, Mono with external Sidechain signal, linked Stereo (or Mono);
  • Parallel compression;
  • 8x-oversampling and 64-bit floating point processing;
  • Gain Reduction CV Output.

Compressor section

Threshold determines how much compression will occur. When the input signal exceeds the threshold level, the compressor engages. A smaller value results in more compression. The available range is from -20 dBu to +12 dBu.

Attack determines how fast limiting will engage when the signal exceeds the limiter threshold. The available values (in milliseconds) is from 1 to 5 ms.

Recovery (Release) is the time it takes for the compressor to stop processing after the signal drops below the threshold value. The available values are 40, 80, 100, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000 ms.

Ratio — this control determines the compressor ratio. The available values are 1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, and 6:1.

Sat. On — this toggle switch enables the analog saturation. The saturation has no effect unless this switch is in the «IN» (down) position.

Master section

SC Filter — the Sidechain Filter controls the cutoff frequency of a low-cut filter on the compressor control signal sidechain. The available range is 30 Hz to 240 Hz, and Off.

Mode — compressor can operate in 5 modes: M/S, Mid channel, Side channel, Mono with external sidechain signal, linked Stereo (or Mono). This switch determines the active mode.

The Gain control increases the signal level out of the compressor to compensate for reduced levels as a result of compression. The available range is -12 to +12 dB. The Gain control does not affect the amount of compression.

Mix — the output balance between the signal processed by the plug-in and the original dry source signal can be adjusted with the Mix control. Mix facilitates parallel compression techniques without having to create additional routings in the DAW.

Comp. In — this toggle switch enables the compressor. The compressor has no effect unless this switch is in the «IN» (down) position.