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EQ3 (iOS)

No way in hell I wanted to buy an eq, but after demo-ing it a few times I was sold. I’ll add that this is a really great EQ if you don’t know much about EQing, it is pretty easy to dial in something good-sounding. As mentioned, the bands seem really well chosen.Gavinski (forum.audiobus.us)

BQ-A VST (Win) v1.0.4
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The BQ-A based on Classic British EQ from the ’70s. With a surprisingly wide range of tonal variations, the BQ-A is an invaluable and professional audio tool with great flexibility and excellent sonic ability. 


  • Modeled vintage EQ;
  • Four bands of classic British equalization (the mid frequency EQ sections are «peaking», while the high and low frequency sections are «shelving»);
  • Each band offers four selected frequency centers;
  • 15 dB of boost/cut per band;
  • Three high pass filters at 18 dB per octave and three low pass filters at 12 dB per octave;
  • Stereo (Mono), Mid or Side EQ modes;
  • Saturation On/Off-button.

The main of the EQ section allows four frequencies at any one time, switchable to one of four frequencies: Low Filter (Shelf): 50, 80, 100, 150 Hz; Low-Mid Filter (Bell): 250, 500, 1k, 2k Hz; High-Mid Filter (Bell): 3k, 5k, 7k, 9k Hz; High Filter (Shelf): 8k, 10k, 12k, 15k Hz.

A series of three high pass filters at 18 dB per octave and three low pass filters at 12 dB per octave are arranged at the ends of the EQ section. They are unique in that the switches can be pushed in simultaneously, offering distinct cut filter combinations with unusual filter curves.

The BQ-A extends the features of the original hardware and joins the flexibility of the digital world to the character of the analog processing. Allows you to choose between equalizer modes (Stereo, Mid, Side) and remove analogue saturation from the processing circuit to deliver pure digital sound.


  • Ctrl — reset to default value;
  • Shift — reduce knob/fader sensitivity.

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Reviews and Ratings

Fantastic eq. Punchiest saturation i've heard so far.Deff J (Gearslutz)

On first blush I'd say this one and Softube's are fairly interchangeable until you start driving them. Great work Red Rock Sound!StoneyBCN (Gearslutz)

The BQ-A is a pleasant surprise. I can tell you I have spent a lot more money on EQs that have pleased me less. analag (Gearslutz)

I am enjoying it a lot — the model A is sooo good! Imo, the best api eqs around. M/S available, light on CPU and stable, that's all what I want for now.kolib (Gearslutz)

The color of this EQ is instantly recognizable from many records. Very responsive controls too, which the original is famous for.
Loved it on bass, guitars and vocals as well. Punchy saturation indeed. Even without EQ settings I like what it does.
Well done Red Rock Sound! I first came across the AQ550 eq's which also seem to be very well modeled. But having a personal preference for british eq's, I got the BQ-A in the end.Illusionaire (Gearslutz)