Audio plug-ins for music applications
        Bass Enhancer AU (iOS) v1.0.0

        Does your bass sound dull and lifeless? Red Rock Sound Bass Enhancer will be your choice to correct this deficiency. Bass Enhancer designed for saturation harmonics of low-frequency, it creates the effect of lower, deeper frequencies. This effect can not be created with simple equalization. 


        • ON switch — allows the user to bypass the Bass Enhancer for before/after comparisons;
        • LEVEL — control knob for the Level of the Input Signal;
        • INPUT meter — lets You monitor the output level before Bass Enhancer processing;
        • TIMBRE — sets the balance between Odd and Even harmonics;
        • FREQ — this knob simply controls where the process begins in frequency domain (for example, with a setting of 85 Hz, all frequencies below 85 Hz will have Harmonics generated by the system);
        • LISTEN — mute the Mix signal and Listen to the Bass signal created by Bass Enhancer;
        • MIX — sets the amount of Bass Enhancer enhancement added to the original signal;
        • H.meter — the Level meter for the Harmonics that are created;
        • OUTPUT meter — lets You monitor the output level after Bass Enhancer processing.

        To use Bass Enhancer as a plug-in, you need an AUv3-compatible host app like GarageBand, Auria, AUM, Cubasis and more — Bass Enhancer will appear in the list of Audio Unit extensions for effect plug-ins in the host app.